For most businesses, now is the time to switch – the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of electric vehicles is now equivalent or cheaper than petrol and diesel alternatives.

Electric Vehicles have substantially lower running costs, maintenance costs and depreciation. That’s one of the reasons why big organisations including Amazon, DPD, British Gas and BT are migrating their fleets to electric.


With electric vehicles a key government priority and the deadline set for 2030, it makes good sense to start your journey towards a sustainable business model sooner rather than later. Here are just some of the many benefits of leasing electric vehicles:


Electric vehicles can save your business up to 75% of your transport running costs. The price of electricity to power an EV starts at around 3.5p per mile, compared to around 11-15p per mile to run a diesel vehicle.


Electric vehicles result in capital allowance savings; vehicles with zero emissions are eligible for a 100% first-year allowance (FYQ) and are also exempt from vehicle excise duty (road tax).

Company car drivers and fleet operators who choose an electric vehicle will pay only one percent benefit in kind (BIK) tax in 2021-22, rising to just two percent in 2022-23.

As a company working in the education sector we operate our own fleet of vehicles, but had no idea about how we transition to an electric fleet.

We wanted to be ahead of the game, do our bit for the environment now, but also take advantage of the savings and tax efficiencies that switching to EV’s offered.

CARVOY were recommended as a great partner to work with and have made what would otherwise have been a daunting task a very enjoyable one

Karen Phillips

Every step of the way CARVOY were a pleasure to deal with. Having assessed our current and future requirements they have sourced three replacement vehicles and a charging solution for our unit.

Michael Draisy


Vehicles travelling in Clean Air Zones – areas with fees designed to discourage pollution – are exempt from charges. In London, for example, electric vehicle drivers can travel in the congestion zone and the new Ultra Low Emission Zone for free. With the Ultra Low Emission Zone costing £12.50 a day per car, your company could save around £3,000 per year for each vehicle in your fleet.


Switching to an electric fleet reduces your company’s CO2 output and lowers air pollution in the communities in which you work.

finance options

When considering the costs of any business fleet vehicle it is not only important to consider total running costs, including fuel and tax benefits, it’s also imperative to ensure we find you the most cost-effective way of financing your fleet. Carvoy will assist in finding the perfect finance solution for your business.


Does Carvoy Procure vans and commercial vehicles as well as cars?

Yes, we offer transport solutions ranging from small electric cars through to premium electric cars, as well as all commercial electric vehicles.

I own a small business - can going electric really make a difference?

Of course! We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from micro-businesses and SMEs to large corporates and third sector organisations. The savings to both your budget and the environment are just waiting for you to make the switch!

How much will my business save by switching to EV?

The savings depend on a number of factors, including the type of business, the size of your workforce and the type of vehicles you need. We provide a full environmental and cost analysis upfront, meaning you have specific information on which to base informed decisions.  

How often will I need to charge the vehicle?

Again, this will depend on the size and model of the vehicle you choose, but you can expect to get anything from 125 to nearly 350 miles to a full charge. It’s also worth remembering that current mileage rates are expected to increase as battery technology improves.

How can I work out my business’ impact on the environment?

Our environmental impact analysis service collates all the data from a company’s transport usage and enables us to work out the impact of moving to a fully EV fleet. We share these findings with our clients, helping them to make the right decision for their business (and for the environment!)

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